What is Chemistry

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Chemistry is a major discipline of science dealing with the interplay of atoms and molecules. It deals with:
  • It is characterized by either “bond making” or “bond breaking”.
  • The “periodic table contains 112 elements
  • Elements can combine with each other to form compounds by either transferring (Electrovalency) or sharing of electrons (Covalency).
Factors affecting Chemical Reactions with examples
  • Light:- Photosynthesis
  • Pressure:- Ammonia formation requires 200 atmosphere pressure in “Haber’s Process
  • Concentration:- It determines the rate of reactions,
  • Temperature:- It increases kinetic energy of molecules
  • Electricity, pH, solvents, catalysts are the major external agents, that influences the rates of chemical reactions.
  • A change in any of these parameters may drastically affect the speed at which the reactions proceed.

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