Dilution Equation

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Dilution equation is the equation related to chemistry but mathematics plays a vital role in it. This equation is a pure mathematical equation which is represented as follows:-
                        C1* V1 = C2*V2
Here, C1 = Molarity or Initial Concentration, C2 = Molarity or Final Concentration, V1 = Initial Volume, V2 = Final Volume
If any one of above variable is unknown then we can simply find the unknown variable by simply using mathematics calculations concept. This equation helps us to find the chemistry concepts but one cannot determine the values of unknown variable without understanding the mathematical concepts. This can be easily clarified by the following suitable examples.

Problem 1: Find out the unknown parameter by using Dilution equation:
Initial Concentration = 10 gms, Final concentration =? , Initial volume = 10 cubic centimeters and Final volume = 20 cubic centimeters.

Solution: Given, Initial Concentration, C1 = 10 gms,
=> Initial volume, V1= 10 cubic centimeters and
=> Final volume, V2 = 20 cubic centimeters.
=> Now by using mathematical equation of Dilution equation, we get,
=> Final concentration, C2 = (C1*V1)/ V2 = (10 * 10) / 20 = 100/20 = 5 gms.

Problem 2: Find the unknown variable by comparing it with dilution equation, 5* V1= 10 * 100

Solution: Given 5* V1= 10 * 100.
=> By comparing it with dilution equation,
=> C1 = 5, C2 = 10 and V2 = 100.
=> Now we have to find V1,
=> Therefore, we get V1 = 1000/5 = 200 units.

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