Atoms and Elements

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The word Atom is derived from the Greek root, atomos: cannot be cut, or indivisible particles, can be defined as the smallest and indivisible particle of all matter.
However, this concept “indivisibility” as proposed by John Dalton (1803) did not last long, since J.J Thomson (1897), Earnst Rutherford (1911), Neil Bohr (1912) experimentally verified that the atoms consists of “subatomic particles”:
  • Electrons:- Negatively charged with negligible mass
  • Protons:- Positively charged mass 1.008 amu,
  • Neutrons:- No charge, the mass being equal to proton.
Elements are the substances that are composed of atoms, represented by symbols.
  • Na:- Sodium
  • K:- Potassium
Compounds are the substances composed of many elements combined in fixed or multiple proportions.
  • CaCO3:- Calcium Carbonate
  • MgCO3:- Magnesium Carbonate.

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